Emotions and Institutions

Research Agenda 2016-2017
As distinguished research professor Duyvendak is the project leader of the Interdisciplinary Research Program Emotions & Institutions. This Program is oriented around organizing and executing research from across a range of disciplines, lecture series and panel discussions. In 2015 Duyvendak started with the lecture series ‘Civic affects’ with speakers from the field of Political science, Anthropology, Social Geography and research institutions such as SCP.
In December 2016 this Research Program started extensively collaborating with (social) psychologists who systematically have been dealing with the study of emotions in-context. In the methodological workshop ‘Researching Emotions’ emotions are studied at various levels and across disciplines and theoretical en methodological backgrounds.
Collaborating with Agneta Fischer in 2017 the Research Program will start with a lecture series on ‘Political Resentment’, oriented around the rise of the Populist politics in the Netherlands.


Lecture Series
•    September 25th, 2015: Political Mood of the Dutch with Chrstian Broer, Esther Schrijver and Paul Dekker (SCP)
•    November 13th, 2015:  Social Movements & Emotions, with James Jasper (GC CUNY, VS)  and Conny Roggeband (POL FMG)
•    June 28th, 2016: Limits to protest: depoliticization, technological innovation and civic affect, with Bert de Graaff, Sander van Haperen and Davide Beraldo (SOC FMG), Imrat Verhoeven (POL FMG)
•    October 28th, 2016: National culture versus human rights. Gender, sexuality and belonging in a globalizing world, with Peter Geschiere and Paul Mepschen (Antropologie UvA), Evelien Tonkens (University of Humanistics Studies], and SPUI25
•    November 4th, 2016: Homing the Dutch. Planning and the Politics of Belonging, with Center for Urban Studies (FMG UvA), Fenne Pinkster (Social Geography FMG), Fenneke Wekker (SOC FMG).


English books


English book chapters

  • Bowen, J., C. Bertossi., J.W.Duyvendak & M.L.Krook (2014). An institutional Approach to Framing Muslims in Europe. In: Bowen, J., C.Bertossi, J.W. Duyvendak & M.L. Krook. (eds. ) European States and Their Muslim Citizens. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 1- 25
  • Bowen, J., C. Bertossi., J.W.Duyvendak & M. L.Krook (2014) Conclusion. In: Bowen, J., C.Bertossi, J.W. Duyvendak & M.L. Krook. (eds. ) European States and Their Muslim Citizens. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press: 256- 271
  • Duyvendak, J. W. & L. Verplanke. (2013) Struggling to Belong: Social Movements and the Fight to Feel at Home In: W. Nicholls,  B. Miller and J. Beaument (eds.) Space of contention: Spatialities and social movements. London: Ashgate: 69- 85


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